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2012 World Energy Congress in Sweden opening

The 2012 international bio-energy was open in Jonkoping the southern city of  Sweden on May 29。 Nearly 600 official representatives, business people and experts from more than 50 countries around the world took participants in。 Participating Delegates would exchange ideas about the recently status of the international bio-energy, take Academic Discussion, visit the bio-energy enterprise exhibitions and negotiate business cooperation project.

The minister of Information technology and energy in Sweden, Karin hart addressed in Opening Ceremony,the bio-energy supply was 1/3 of the whole energy supply, though the status was in the front of the world, there was vast potential space for development. Using renewable energy replacing of fossil fuels would not only reduce the bad influence on the climate but also avoid the vulnerability that the social rely on traditional energy supply. So the present energy consumption model must be transformed, the bio-energy is of key importance to the world” future.

The world conference on bio-energy was established in 2004, which was open in Jonkoping of Sweden every two year, now it becomes a important academic
And business platform in the world bio-energy area.

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