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Solvent Extraction Plant

DTDC in cooking oil extractor

DTDC function:to remove solvent from spent meal and then toast,dry and cool meal.Huatai machinery DTDC is an innovative toaster dryer cooler designed based on customer's production requirement for oil processing plants.Full automatic control not only reduces steam consumption but also makes operation simple and reliable for a superior finished product.

cooking oil extraction machine

Cooking oil extraction machine

Features of DTDC(Desolventizer,Toaster,Dryer,Cooler):

1.High energy efficiency to complete desolventizer

2.Automatic door structure and adjustable height,weight,opening size,great sealing.

3.Our engineer can intall different layers according to comtomer different needs.

4. The vapour phase temperature of desolventizer-toaster can be achieved by automatically adjusting the amount of direct steam.

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