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High oil yield palm oil refinery machine

High oil yield  palm oil refinery machinery

Palm oil, extracted from the palm fruit, is one of the few natural oils to have a high amount of saturated fat. After it’s pressed by the machine, it is crude palm oil.

palm oil and pallm oil refinery machine

Palm oil

Filtration: The purpose of this step is to remove the granular impurities in palm oil.

palm oil refinery machine

Palm oil filtration machine

Degumming: Pumping crude oil into oil refining tank, stirring quickly, and simultaneously heating by steam or heat-transfer oil. Then add hot water. Control the water amount, temperature and water adding speed. If phospholipid lasts long suspended in oil, which is hard to gather to make flocculent precipitate. We can rise up the speed of adding water, conversely slow down. At the meanwhile, adding alkali to remove the FFA. For the batch type and semi-continuous type refinery, they will adopt precipitation separation method, continuous refineries will adopt centrifuge separation method.

palm oil refinery machine

Palm oil decolorization machine

Decolorization: Inhale definite amount of decoloring agent into the oil, continuously stirring and heating for 25min. After that, pump the mixture of oil and clay into filter to separate oil and clay.

palm oil refinery machine

Palm oil deodorization machine

Deodorization: Pump and heat decolorized oil, when oil temperature reaches above100℃, injecting the direct steam to take the odors away. We can get refined palm oil, which is edible at this step.

Fractionation: This is very important process in palm oil refining, Fractionation is the special treatment for palm oil, cooling palm oil, high melting point component will crystallize, through twice filtration can fractionation of three different melting products, palm stearic melting point high than 40℃,palm palmit melting point at about 30℃,the liquid palm oil melting point is below 20℃,liquid palm oil quality can reach high grade cooking oil standard.


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