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Cooking oil machine vertical leaf filter

Vertical leaf filter structure: the main filter by filter tank, several filter films, starting with the automatic slag cover institution device component, the raw material liquid is pumped at a pressure of about 0.5MPa, 80-90 ℃condition by 160-280 mesh stainless steel wire mesh pieces, edible vegetable oil from the chip lead, after dumping slag automatic filter.

vertical leaf filter machine

Vertical leaf filter machine

Application Features of vertical leaf filter cooking oil machine :

achieve semi-continuous, efficient diesel separating residual waste clay can be as low as 16% or less, also applies to the hydrogenated oil, winter of oil filter.

Vertical leaf filter working process:

1, open the oil inlet valve of the valve, and the overflow opening pump, fill the oil to the tank, mirror observed liquid flows out from the overflow pipe, illustrate the raw liquid tank has been filled.

2, close the overflow valve, open the circulating valve, start cycle, about 5-10 min, from the liquid outlet tube mirror observed above, illustrate the cake has been formed.

cooking oil machine vertical leaf filter

Cooking oil machine vertical leaf filter

3, closed circulating valve, open the valve to start above, filtering, the general filter cake thickness control in 2-3 cm, change from the upper part of the tank pressure gauge can observe the pressure, in the process of filtering, the filter cake with thickened, pressure rise, generally about 0.4papressure, the need to stop the pump.

4, cake blowing process, stop the pump liquid inlet valve closed, open the inlet valve, start blowing cake, pressure is generally maintained at 0.45 - 0.5pa, the best effect of biscuit, cake blowing time is generally 15-30 min, mirror from the observation above tube, above has little half mirror, can stop the biscuit.

5, the vibration tapping process, open sewage valve, will return to the original tank vertebral lower solution, open the exhaust valve, so that the pressure back to zero, open the valve, vibration tapping.

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