How to operate the vertical leaf filter cooking oil machine?

Date:2016-11-18 17:15:33 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Operation process and requirements of vertical leaf filter :

First, open the inlet valve is heated to 65-90 ℃ slag containing crude oil or material pumped into the bottom inlet after about 30min until full. Open the oil valve chamber when the pressure is gradually increased by about 0.2-0.4MPa. By this time absolutes outside of the filter chip into the chip, the lower part of the discharge tube set, and by observing the clarity of the oil pipeline. Greaves are constantly deposited on the outside of the filter, until such time as the two adjacent pieces filter cake is not in contact must be drained. Filtration cycles required in accordance with the amount of slag containing oil and the nature of the approximately 1.5-2.5h.

vertical leaf filter cooking oil machine

Vertical leaf filter cooking oil machine

The filter starts when the oil is very turbid, it can be direct steam (0.5MPa) valves cake was blown dry for about 30min, causing oil cake was less than 20% requirement. This oil is discharged when drying is also sent back to the tank. Then open the butterfly valve and clean the canister, and then open the valve so that air entering the vibrator starts vibrating 1-2min, generally drier cake if you can dismount 1min cake. Finally, close all valves and butterfly valves for the next filtration cycle. In order to achieve filtering "Intermittent - continuous" production, generally use two filter-parallel operation.

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