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Why the removal of impurities in the oil?

Why the removal of impurities in the oil?

Most of the impurities for oil quality and storage safety disadvantage. Such as water not only affects the transparency of oil and grease will lead to hydrolysis rancidity; insoluble impurities and acidic substances are contributing factor to grease deterioration;

FFA affect the flavor, promote the deterioration; phospholipids make Grease muddy, but when heated to produce a black precipitate, blistering, hair waiting;

cooking oil production line

Cooking oil production line

Various pigments directly affect oil color, and some will promote fat rancidity; gum, sulfur, phosphorus compounds and soap, heavy metalsalts such as the existence of subsequent processes such as acid stripping off difficulties hydrogenation catalyst poisoning;

FFA and water to make a transesterification catalyst to reduce the activity; a lot of metal ions is not only pro-oxidant oil again at high temperatures, but also directly harmful.

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