Edible Oil Refining Process

Oil refining process

The main oil refining processes:

1, remove the hair oil insoluble impurities, using sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, and other physical methods;

2, degumming, removal of crude oil phospholipids, myxoid stroma, etc., the general hydration, acid or enzymatic degumming refining;

3, alkali refining;

oil refining

Oil refining machine

4, washed with water, wash the residue in refining the soapstock with water soluble impurities;

5, drying, heating, vacuum drying, removal of refined oil in the water;

6, decolorization using activated clay,to remove the oil in a variety of pigment, resin and oxides;

7, deodorizing or physical refining;

8, dewaxing or degreasing, mainly freezing winter of crystal or crystal fractionation to remove oil waxes;

9, filter or fine filter.


Oil refining machine

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