Edible Oil Refining Process Machine

Edible Oil Refining Process

Groundnut oil mill plant

The groundnut oil mill plant is in great demand all across different countries where there is significant production of groundnuts / peanut. The groundnut oilseed is considered as the 'King of all Oilseeds'. The oil that is obtained from groundnuts / peanuts is very healthy and suitable for best human consumption. We are manufacturers and exporters of complete groundnut oil mill plants for the extraction of groundnut oil.

groundnut oil press machine

Groundnut oil press machine

Oil percentage in groundnutIL = 46 to 50%

The different machinery included in the groundnut oil mill plant is as under

1) Groundnut decorticator- Separates the husks and kernels.

2) Groundnut oil expeller- Crushes the groundnut kernels and gives oil.

3) Steam boiler- Provides steam to the oil seeds and softens them.

4) Oil filter press- Filters the crude groundnut oil and makes it transparent and pure.

oil filiter press machine

Oil filiter press machine

There are different capacities available for the groundnut oil mill plant. We can provide and supply small scale as well as large scale groundnut oil plants. The starting crushing capacity is of 3-TPD, 6-TPD, 10-TPD, 100-TPD, 200-TPD, 300-TPD and so on.

We personally own and operate a 30-TPD groundnut oil mill plant over 20 years. This has made us gain the perfect know-how about the edible oil plant and today we are positioned to provide expertise on this. The machinery is operated only by 2-3 persons. The filtered groundnut oil is considered best and can be consumed directly. There is no special requirement for the refining of groundnut oil; as filtration itself makes the oil free from harmful contaminents. The entire groundnut oil mill plant is designed, manufactured, supplied and started by us. The production and test run of the oil mill plant is also undertaken by our team of engineers and technicians. The client has to provide the space and building where the plant is to be installed. The whole groundnut oil mill will be based on turnkey project basis from start to end.


Groundnut oil mill plant

We have been engaged in groundnut oil mill plant industry for decades, we have a wealth of experience and practical cases, if you want to start this business, we are your reliable choice.We shall provide the necessary guidance and further useful details.

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