Edible Oil Refining Process Machine

Edible Oil Refining Process

Sunflower oil mill plant

We are positioned to provide complete solutions of oil milling  to oil refining . We manufacture unique sunflower oil mill plants to crush the sunflower seeds and getting sunflower oil.

We have exported several sunflower oil mill plants at different places. Our sunflower oil mill plant is technically advanced machinery having different crushing capacities.

The smallest plant is of capacity 3-tons per day and the biggest plant is of 50-tons per day. The client can select the capacity as per the requirement. The complete set of machinery is designed as per international quality standards to ensure energy efficiency, higher output and continuous production.

sunflower oil mill plant

Sunflower oil mill plant

The crushing capacity of the plant is optimum with least maintenance and down time. The output from this plant will be filtered and pure natural sunflower oil.

We manufacture and export the sunflower oil mill plants on Turnkey basis. It will be a complete project from design, manufacturing, supply, installation and production.

Contact us, if you plan to crush the sunflower oil seeds and produce your own edible cooking oil.

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