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How to get RBD palm oil and RBD palm kernel oil?

palm oil refining machine

Palm oil refining machine

To produce Refined, Bleached and Deodorized RBD palm oil and RBD palm kernel oil. Crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil are processed through three refining steps, namely degumming, bleaching and deodourizing.

In degumming, the gum and fatty acid in crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil are separated together with other impurities such as trace minerals, copper and iron by the application of phosphoric acid.

In bleaching, the oil is mixed with bleaching earth (bentonite calcium) in a vacuum room to remove impurities and colour pigments in the palm oil.

In deodourizing, the odour and taste of the oil are removed when the oil is steamed at high temperatures of between 240°C to 260°C and then cooled to room temperature.

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