Gravity stoner

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gravity stoner

Gravity stoner

Gravity stoner is a kind of cleaning machine,which can remove the stones in the oil seeds.It is a stone separator by specific gravity,also called dry stoner.The gravity stoner can remove more than 95% of stones in the oil seeds,it has the advantage of simple structure and low consumption.

Structure of gravity stoner: Gravity Stoner is composed of a feed hopper, a suction pipe, a sieve body, a sieve plate, a discharge port, a stone mouth bar, vibration motor, rack, artificial leather drum etc.

Features of gravity stoner:

1.Good classification effect ;

2.Smooth operation;

3.Low power consumption ;

4.Can be used to process various kinds of oil seeds.

Operation and maintenance of gravity stoner:
1. drive with or without foreign body, drive wheel same sound check before the screen surface and inside the gravity stoner to drive it;
2. suction fan should be open, open throttle and start to remove stone and begin feeding;
3. keep the feed flow evenly, does not exceed 10% of the rated capacity. Note feed hopper feed store doors are not blocked and cleared up;
4. ensure to stone plate, uniform airflow unobstructed wind deflector;
5. pay attention to the bearing fever cases, regular cleaning, oil changes; timely replacement of worn found.

gravity stoner

Gravity stoner

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