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palm oil processing machine

Palm oil mill plant

Palm oil provides many usages from being used as fuel for automobiles to a range of food applications. The palm oil industry has rapidly increased recent years. In this passage, I will introduce the production of palm oil, the world market, the use of palm oil processing machine and the growth and harvest of the oil palm trees.

The introduction of oil palm trees:

oil palm tree

Oil palm trees growing in Africa

Palm oil is produced by palm oil processing machine from the fruit of oil palm trees. The oil palm tree has an average lifespan of about 25-30 years and produces fruit bunches from 3 years after field planting. A single bunch of oil palm weighs between 10-25 kg and contains up to 3,000 fruitlets.

The introduction of palm oil processing market:

Palm oil is considered as the most efficient oilseed crop as just 1 hectare of palm produces up to 10x more oil than other leading oilseed produce. Over 53.67 million tons of palm oil is produced every year while 40.78 million is exported across the globe. The top leading manufacturers of palm oil achieve as much as 8 tons of oil per hectare each other. Indonesia and Malaysia are the two major palm oil processing market as they produce almost eighty-five percent of the world's palm oil with Indonesia in the lead at 50.1% and Malaysia at 35%. At the same time, these two countries are also two major palm oil processing machine demand countries.

palm oil machine market

Palm oil machine market

World market of palm oil according to recent reports published by the Grand View Research, the palm oil market is expected to reach to at least $88 billion by the year 2022. With the ever-growing demands of bio-fuel and growing health concerns across the globe, crude palm oil is expected to increase in growth of 7.5%. Other countries that produce palm oil include Columbia, Thailand, Nigeria, Ecuador and Papua New Guinea.

Application of palm oil:

palm oil

Palm fruit and palm oil

There is a large variety of uses as more than 90% of palm oil is used in food-related applications. Palm oil contains about 50% saturated fat, rich in antioxidants and cholesterol-free. Due to the lack of trans-fat, palm oil is a healthier substitute for other oils like canola and soybean oil. Products that also use palm oil include soaps, drilling mud, plastic, lotions, skin care products, beauty products and even biofuel for automobiles. Click here if you are interested in palm oil processing machine cost.

palm oil processing machine

Palm oil processing machine 3D picture

The usage of palm oil processing machine, as following steps:

1. The first step is to harvest the palm fruit and sterilize the palm fruit bunches in palm sterilizer machine. As the picture shows, the yellow cages is palm fruit sterilizer cages. Palm fruit bunches are put into these cages and then put into palm sterilizer machine.

2. Threshing is the second step, which is used palm threshing machine of palm oil processing equipment. During the sterilization process, the fruit is partially cooked in heat to stop the enzymatic reactions that lead to oxidation.

3. The third step is digesting. For the digestion process, the palm fruit is crushed before it reaches extraction and heats the pulp to maximize the amount of oil.

4. Then the palm oil pressing machine is running. Once the crude palm oil is expelled from the pulp in palm oil press machine, it will be filtered in a clarifying tank to remove excess moisture.

5. The crude palm oil is successfully produced by palm oil processing machine. If you want to get refined palm oil, you need a set of palm oil refinery machine.

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