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Pyrolysis of plastic waste to oil ?

Date:2013-06-25 18:58:38 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

pyrolysis of plastic waste

Pyrolysis of plastic waste

What is pyrolysis:

Pyro = heat. Lysis = break down.
Pyrolysis is chemical reaction. This reaction involves molecular breakdown of larger molecules into smaller molecules in presence of heat. Pyrolysis is also known as thermal cracking, cracking, thermolysis, depolymerization, etc.

plastic pyrolysis plant

Pyrolysis of plastic waste to oil machine

Plastic pyrolysis is: the process of converting waste plastic into industrial fuels like Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black and Hydrocarbon Gas.

Plastic pyrolysis involves subjecting plastic to high temperature of 400 to 450 degree Celsius, in absence of oxygen. In case of oxygen is present plastic will start burning. During pyrolysis plastic breaks down into smaller molecules of pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis gas and carbon black. Pyrolysis is great a way of recycling waste plastics. This plant can also used for waste tire recycling.

Raw material                                           Oil ratio
PP (microwave oven food box/yogurt bottles etc)     50%-75%
PE(plastic film /plastic wrap)                      50%-75%
PS (smack-box/blister box)                             50%-75%
ABS (engineering plastics)                             40%
Leftovers of paper                                     Wet 15-20%, dry 60%
House garbage                                             35-50%
Plastic cable                                             80%
Plastic bag                                             50%
PVC (raincoat/building materials)                      Not suitable
PET (water bottles/sodas beverage)                      Not suitable

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