Our cooking oil press often make healthy oil

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Our cooking oil press often make healthy oil, we are engaged in equipment development, design, production, sales of scientific and technological entities, the main press, small press , extraction equipment, refining equipment, grain and oil machinery and equipment. Companies adhere to quality products, perfect service, pragmatic price to meet customer demand, continue to track the advanced technology home and abroad, to strengthen research and development of new products.

In order to let the Chinese people can eat at ease, health, nutrition, satisfaction of edible oil, the company is committed to the introduction of a small hot press, so that the majority of customers away from the waste oil, swill, saliva oil, fake oil, oil and expired drugs oil .

Cooking oil

To achieve a car press, to facilitate the operator to go from village to village to help more people to enjoy their oil.
Design of high-quality products from perfect, advanced technology, reliable production, selection of accessories and strict management. Companies with their own strong economic strength, high-quality research design and development team, comprehensive sales network, with modern high-tech business philosophy to serve the people.

Continuously improve and progress, innovation improvement of living standards, we require not only delicious to eat, but to eat healthy. However, this repeatedly exposing waste oil era, you are assured your oil? Now, our cooking oil press manufacturers invites you to "squeeze" the health "squeeze" out wealth, 2016 let us enjoy a relaxing health wealth it!

Our cooking oil press that health plus "oil" as its mission, the world's first cold hot press, with more than 20 patents, completely independent intellectual property rights, the whole of pure physical oil, edible officially entered designed for civilian oil era it! Our press can be pressed peanut oil, sesame oil, canola oil, camellia oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil and other oil-bearing plant all nuts. Zhengzhou First press reports, the service life of 10 years --20 years, one year factory warranty and lifetime maintenance, so that consumers peace of mind, reassure investors.

Our press manufacturers how? Our official website of the product is simple to understand, convenient, practical and health, have it you can have close friends and family and neighborhood residents can eat rest assured oil, waste oil away from unhealthy food again! Welcome to visit our company, to buy the product you want!

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