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What is the disadvantage of burning waste cable wire ?

Cable wire recycling machine

Waste cable wire of burning is not only harmful to humanhealth ,but also polluted the environment.
The waste cable wire of burning  results in low-temperature burning, a process that does not reach the same temperatures as those in an approved incinerator. The high temperature in an approved incinerator will not only remove the insulation, it will also destroy the contaminates found in the insulation. Low-temperature burning releases contaminants into the air, water and soil including dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, particulate matter, heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, selenium and cadmium) and other pollutants. The contaminants often end up in the air, in the ash on the ground or as pollutants in the soil and water. Wind or water may carry the pollutants significant distances from a burn site. Elevated concentrations of the pollutant sare harmful to human health and the environment. The effects of these pollutants on people can be chronic or acute and can range from lung irritation to cardiac problems or even an increased risk of cancer.

cable wire recycling machine

Cable wire recycling machine

Henan Doing group produced cable wire recycling machine can help our world-wide customers get the copper and plastic from waste copper wire and then you can sell them to profit from waste cable wire.


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