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Copper wire stripper machine

Date:2016-02-18 11:47:13 / Copper wire recycling machine

copper wire stripper machine

Copper wire stripper machine

There is a market for recycled copper wire. Metal recycling and salvage companies across the province buy old copper wire and send it for re-refining or smelting. Recycling means less new material is needed for manufacturing and, at the same time, it means less copper is being dumped into our landfills.
However, some of the old copper wire is covered in insulation which must be removed before the copper wire can be recycled.
The insulation can be safely removed by a mechanical process that cuts the insulation and strips it from the copper wire or by processing the insulated wire in an approved incinerator.
We DOING Company as a leading manufacturer in China has specialized in copper wire stripper machine .

2.Copper wire stripper machine process

Copper wire stripper machine  process

1.We directly put waste copper wire in to copper wire stripper machine,waste copper wire and used cale is cut into granules
2.Then granules are sent to vibration device for separation ,through wind and virbration ,the coppe and plastic are separated
3.Then pure copper come from one side and pure plastic come out form the other side
4.we can collect pyre copper and plastic ,the separatid rate can reach 99.9%

3.Copper wire stripper machine advantage

1. High productivity: The yield of copper wire stripper machine is improved greatly compared to general crusher and shaking table.
2. Strong adaptability: copper wire stripper machine not only can be used to process copper wire with same specification, but also to process waste copper wire with different specification, which can't be met by other type of copper wire machine (other copper wire machine can only process copper wire with same specification).
3. High purity of finished products: The purity of finished products produced by copper wire stripper machine is high, can be up to 99.5% or above it.
4. Good environmental effects: The copper wire stripper machine is equipped with advanced dust collection system, therefore, it won't pollute the environment.

4 .Data of copper wire stripper machine

wire stirpper machine

Final product

ItemModelCapacity(kg/h)Power(Kw)Size (m)(L*W*H)Weight(T)Remark
3DY-800500-80090.04.5×1.5×4.27.7Doubling crushing system
4DY-1000800-1000104.24.8×1.8×4.29.4Doubling crushing system

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