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How to buy the plastic into oil machine?

plastic to oil

Plastic into oil machine

When you decide to buy the waste plastic oil machine,you need to have a look at the  certification of the company to tell that whether the company is certificated to manufacture waste plastic to oil machine such as plastic pyrolysis plant,waste tyre pyrolysis plant,and so on.we henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd has ISO,SGS certification to manufacture the plastic to oil machine.All our products have passed ISO.

We henan doing mechanical equipment co,ltd have mature technology and abundant experience to manufacture the plastic to oil machine.we have more than 15+years experience to manufacture the tyre pyrolysis plant,waste plastic pyrolysis plant,waste rubber pyrolysis plant .what is more untill now we have installed more than 100 sets plants oversea.If customers are satisfied with our products we will send our technician abroad to help customers install the machine and train workers.With time flying we improve  the quality of our product step by step.nowadays with the development of the auto industry  there years,more and more waste generated nowadays.So the plastic to oil machine industry is also developing very fast,more and more people are to invest the industry.consistently effort leads to success.we are developing with the industry developing.

We DOING Company as a leading manufacturer in China has specialized in all kinds of plastic into oil machine and the supporting equipments for about 10 years, 5 years experience for domestic market, and 5 years for foreign trading.


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