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Copper wire separation system

Copper wire separation system

Copper wire separation system of Doing is to separated  waste copper wire to re cycle copper and plastic particles .The separator of the copper wire separation system is suitable for processing all kinds of cables. It can separate copper from plastic effectively by crushing, vibrating screening separation and vibration separation so as to achieve comprehensive utilization. It features good cost effectiveness, dust-free producing progress and second pollution-free property.

Copper wire separation system working process

Copper wire separation system working process

1.We directly put waste copper wire in to copper wire separation system ,waste copper wire and used cale is cut into granules
2.Then granules are sent to vibration device for separation ,through wind and virbration ,the coppe and plastic are separated
3.Then pure copper come from one side and pure plastic come out form the other side
4.we can collect pyre copper and plastic ,the separatid rate can reach 99.9%

Copper wire separation system main advantage

Waste copper wire cable  and copper particles

1.Suitable structure and layout, easy to install
2.Using PLC control, uniform feed, intelligent operation, maximum guarantee machine 's stable work
3.The crusher adopts double roller,low speed, high tear produces big output while little noise
4. The design of separator and dust collector is handy for movement or transport
5.The rotor of the grinder is alternating,leading to more efficiency,faster discharging,lower noise and more steady running
6.The separation rate of air separator can reach at least 99%.


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