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How to recycle tires?

tire recycled

Recycle tires

With the modernization of society,  waste products grows day by day and has large amount at hand, it has become a big environmental pollution which called as black pollution, and it's on the rise. At the same time,oil recourses are decreasing every moment. How to recycle tires?

tire pyrolysis plant

Tire recycled pyrolysis plant

Tires recycled pyrolysis plant is a hot business in the world. On one hand, it’s a green way for waste tire recycling, the whole working process is pollution free, it will make a big difference to the environment protection. On the other hand, we can many useful things from waste tire, like crude oil, carbon black and steel wire. This is also a profitable project. The tires recycled pyrolysis plant we need for this project named waste tire pyrolysis plant.

How to recycle tires?

Here we take 10ton capacity waste tires for your reference:
→ Use auto feeder load compete tires into reactor directly, 2 hours
→ Put wood/coal/natural gas/fuel oil into fire furnace make fire, warm up reactor, last 3-4hours
→ After that oil gas will come out, last 10-12hours
→ Cooling down reactor, 1 hour
→ Discharge carbon black, 1 hour
→ pull steel wire out, 1 hour



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