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Renewable equipment waste tire refinery equipment for fuel oil

Tire refinery equipment

As for the huge amount of waste tires in the world, we are committed to tyre oil refining business solutions that recycles wastes into energy products. From our tyre recycling machine you can get final products including fuel oil, carbon black chars, steel wire and syngas. Our fuel oil is tested through SGS certificate as a high-energy, low-emission heating fuel in heavy industries, the byproducts like carbon chars and syngas are used for heating again, and steel wire sold to local market. The raw materials of tyre recycling to oil plant are used tyres or plastics that will be converted into fuel oil after high temperature process. Our tire-to-oil technology has successfully developed with safe operation, without significant air emissions or potential to influence groundwater. As our technology matures day by day, we expect our tire-to-oil recycling machine solves ecological problem relieving energy shortage.

We manufacture tyre recycling plants with advantages of strict quality control that every materials part is guaranteed with lab test, and export to 20 countries with quite nice customer feedback; we will send expert staff to your factory for installation until you are satisfied with operation and final products.

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