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What copper wire recycling worth?

copper wire recycling machine

Waste copper wire recycling machine

Copper is one of the most sought after metals in the scrap industry. It comes in various shapes and sizes from pipe, scrap wires, copper wire, aluminium wire, such as automobile electric line, motorcycle electric line, storage battery electric line, waste household appliance disassembly electric line, electromechanical equipment disassembly electric line, computer cable, telephone wire, cable TV line, communication cable and other scrap wire.

We have found that a lot of people want to know the best ways to make more money from their copper and wire.We find Often times people think burning is a quick and easy way to get to the copper by burning off the insulation.we would like to reiterate that you should never under any circumstances “burn” your copper wire to remove the insulation. Not only does it harm the environment from the fumes, but it will downgrade your copper at the scrap yard.  But the residue that is left over from burning will downgrade it at all scrap yards.

copper wire recycling machine

Copper wire recycling machine

We DOING Company as a leading manufacturer in China has specialized in all kinds of waste recycling machinery for about 10 years, 5 years experience for domestic market, and 5 years for foreign trading. We  have developed and designed many kinds of waste processing machines, such as waste tire recycling machine, waste plastic recycling machine, waste oil recycling machine, waste copper wire recycling machine, waste aluminum plastic panel recycling machine, waste PCB recycling machine,  waste home appliances recycling machine, etc. It will bright a huge wealth to you!


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