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Edible Oil Refining Process

Sunflower oil refinery machine

Sunflower oil refinery machine

Sunflower oil refining machine is after sunflower oil solvent extraction machines .Sunflower oil refining is the last step of sunflower oil extraction .Sunflower oil refining section can be divided into 6 parts following.

Sunflower oil refining main processes:

A.Preheating secticon of sunflower oil refinery machine:Pumping crude oil into hydrate tank (oil refining tank), heating by steam or heat-transfer oil (in coil pipe), rise oil temperature.

B.Degumming section of sunflower oil refinery machine: Adding the P-acid to remove the gum.

C.Deacidification section of sunflower oil refinery machine:Adding alkalis like (NaOH) to neutral the free fatty acid in oil, during this process it will produce soapstock , then separated from the oil by setting several hours.

D.Decolorization section of sunflower oil refinery machine:Using the active clay to absorb the pigment away ,then filter the waste clay away .This process is carried out under the vacuum condition.

E.Deodorization and dehydration Section of sunflower oil refinery machine:Injecting direct steam to take odors away in the vacuum condition . in the deodorization tower , the temperature is very high , it also can finish the dehydration section.

F. Filtering of sunflower oil refinery machine:This process can remove off the small amount of unsettle gum soluble impurities in the oil , to ensure the product oil quality.

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