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Plastic pyrolysis plant

1. Plastic pyrolysis plant

                                                                                                            Plastic pyrolysis plant

Our plastic pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastic into high grade diesel fuel. Waste plastic are long chain polymers containing more than 50000 carbon atoms attached to each other in a cross linked or straight chain.During plastic recycling  pyrolysis plant , this long chain is broken down into smaller chain. The waste plastic recycling  pyrolysis plant turns waste plastic  into gases and liquids. The end products can be used in any standard diesel engine or generator with little or no modifications.

2.Plastic pyrolysis plant  feature

waste plastic

1.Generates quality fuel with lower emission
2.Controls plastic land pollution
3.Recover energy from waste plastic
4.Helps recycle fuel

3.Plastic pyrolysis plant  final product application

Fuel oil from waste plastic  are used in below industries
A.power plant factory factory
C.cement factory
D.ceramic factory
E.aluminum factory
F.boiler factory
G.central heating factory

                 final product application

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