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What is the cooking oil refining process ?

Oil refinery machine

Cooking oil making includes 3 parts,cooking oil preatreatment ,cooking oil solvent extraction and cooking oil refining .After cooking oil press ,we can get cake and crude cooking oil,then crude cooking oil should be refined in cooking oil refinery workshop.And cake from cooking oil press workshop should be put into cooking oil solvent extraction workshop.After cooking oil solvent extraction workshop,the cooking oil also should be put into cooking oil refinery workshop.Following is the breif introduction of cooking oil refining workshop.

Processes of cooking oil refining workshop :

After solvent extraction section ,the crude oil should carry to refinery section.In cooking oil refinery section ,the crude oil has the following steps :

Crude vegetable oil -- Degumming and Deacidification -- Decolorization --Deodorization -- Filtering -- Refined cooking oil.

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