Edible oil extraction machinery Industry Trends

Edible oil extraction Machine Industry News

Indonesia gradual popularization biodiesel

Biological material as a vehicle fuel oil The Indonesia government is accelerating popularize the using of biodiesel this year,the 25th Minister regulations of Ministry of Energy in...

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The present situation of the biodiesel in China.

Vans carrying waste cooking oil keep arriving at this factory in suburban Fengxian District. They bring in around 70 tons of waste oil each day. And most of it is processed into bi...

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Brazil are seeking Chinese help building oil refineries

BRASILIA, Feb 28 (Reuters) Brazil's government said Thursday it is seeking Chinese help to finish work on two oil refineries, a sign of strengthening ties between the emerging ...

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Method of rice bran oil extraction

Production of rice bran oil Rice bran oil extraction the method of solvent extraction to extract production of rice bran oil by rice bran oil extracion machine.In the processing of...

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The way to Make Biodiesel and Save The Atmosphere along with your Pocket

How to Make Bio diesel to Preserve The Environment Along with Your Wallet?It is a rare night that the evening news is not telling viewers about a new horrible effect that pollution...

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Biodiesel could ease U.S. “blend wall”

(Reuters) – Biodiesel could in future ease so-called ethanol “blend wall” concerns facing the U.S. transportation fuel industry, whose capacity to blend corn ethanol in gasoline...

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